[mythtv-users] WinTV PVR 150: Trying to Get Tuner and Composite to Access Two Different Video Sources

Dan Ritter dsr-myth at tao.merseine.nu
Thu Nov 29 17:18:43 UTC 2007

On Thu, Nov 29, 2007 at 09:09:33AM -0800, Mache Creeger wrote:
> I have the standard Myth (mythtv-0.20.2-169.fc7) releaase installed 
> on Fedora 7 running on both a Master Backend (MBE) and a Slave 
> Backend (SBE). The MBE has a WinTV PVR 500 and the SBE has a WinTV 
> PVR 150. I am currently stuck.  My goal is to have four video 
> streams. I can only get three. The four streams would include:

You only have three tuners. 2 on the 500, one on the 150. 

Yes, they have multiple connectors. Yes, technically the composite video
input isn't a tuner connection. It's an encoder.  No, that card can't
encode from both the coax and composite connectors at once.

And Myth currently doesn't have a good concept that two program
sources are available from one tuner device, but that only one
of them can be active at a time.

> However, when I use mythtv-setup to configure the WinTV PVR 150 on 
> the SBE to use both the tuner and the Composite Video (Composite1 or 
> Composite 2) connector - using separate video sources - things fall 
> apart.


> the Video Sources many times and rebuilt them. Either myth is not 
> designed to support two video sources on a WinTV PVR 150, something 
> is screwy in the mysql database, or I am missing something obvious 
> over and over again.  

The first of these cases is correct.

Now, your cable box is presumably a superset of the clear analog
cable channels, so just configure that. That gives you the
maximum availability with the hardware you have.

You can replace your 150 with another 500, and put one of the
tuners there on the cable box and the other on the raw cable
feed. That will work, too.


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