[mythtv-users] Problems w/changing channels and On Screen Display w/ LiveTV...

stuart stuart at xnet.com
Wed Nov 28 15:18:17 UTC 2007


Back in July there were several threads about not being able to change 
channels - but I could not find a resolution.

My symptoms while watching LiveTV:
- UP/DOWN then RETURN appear to have no effect.
- I can change channels by pressing number buttons - but only to single 
digit chanels (i.e. no way to get to, say, channel 12).
- No on screen display during LiveTV - no channel number - no 
description - no logo - no nothing!
- Noticed LEFT/RIGHT buttons skips forward and backward, "Y" button 
flips from NTSC to ATSC and "P" button pauses.

My setup:
1) Fresh Debian-unstable mythfrontend/mythbackend/system w/above problems.
2) Recently upgraded to Fedora7 mythfrontend/system w/above problems.

What works:
- Recordings have been successfully made from both the ATSC and NTSC tuners.

What's strange:
- At one point during the creation of the Debian 
mythfrontend/mythbackend box, I was able to change channels and see the 
screen overlay (channel number & show description).

...any ideas would be appreciated.

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