[mythtv-users] pvr-500 strange lines

Jos Hoekstra joshoekstra at gmx.net
Wed Nov 28 12:48:40 UTC 2007

Steve Peters - Priority Electronics schreef op 27-11-2007 23:25:
> Hello, i have a cable box plugged into my pvr-500, so the reception 
> should be perfect...one would think  : )
> Anyhow, it's not perfect. There are very small but very noticeable 
> vertical grayish lines that kind of squiggle through the picture. I've 
> tried the s-video connection and it was exactly the same. If i plug the 
> cable box directly into the tv, and not go through my mythbox, the 
> picture is great.
> Also, one thing i've noticed is that when the analogue cable line is 
> plugged into the pvr-500, you get shocked when you touch it. Turn the 
> computer off and no shock, so that tells me the shock is coming from the 
> card, and not somewhere in the cable line. Could this be related? Is my 
> pvr-500 possibly bad? --Any Ideas?
> I've attached an image so you can see.
> -Thanks
> -Steve

First off all it's generally not appreciated if you send attachments 
like this to the list.

The shock-issue is something I get here as well when COAX is plugged in, 
just be carefull plugging it in ;) In general it seems te be caused by 
grounding issues.

The lines in your image I see sometimes as well in some programmes, 
especially when I watch programmes on a TFT-monitor. So it might have 
something to do with interlace settings?

Other people might have a better answer to that one though...


Jos Hoekstra

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