[mythtv-users] Newbie Issues

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Tue Nov 27 23:05:45 UTC 2007

Rob Ogle wrote:
> Mike,
> * I'm down with TLA's (or FLA's in this case)...just didn't know what to use.
> I did try doing a 'sudo su mythtv' and running it that way as well.
> According to the screen it downloads the files and puts them in a "temp 
> table". It says there are no listings to update. So...where does the FE/gui
> go to get these listings to display? Is it a file or db table I can view?
> When I originally set it up, I entered the machine's ip address for 
> everything rather than the loopback. Could I be having some sort of 
> connectivity issue? I tried to connect to the box via a FE Live CD and it
> couldn't contact the mysql server.
IP address is good, unless you plan to only ever run a combined 
frontend/backend, when it won't matter.

However, if you are using IP addresses, you will have to make sure that you get 
the permissions on the Mysql database correct so that it is accessible by the 
right user/IP address combination(s). There are threads on this list and info in 
the wiki to help you do that.

I noticed in passing in your original post the following:

2007-11-27 12:01:08.280 DataDirect: WARNING: Your subscription expires on
12/01/2007 02:20:45 PM
2007-11-27 12:01:12.974 Grab complete.  Actual data from Mon Dec 10 05:00:00
2007 to Tue Dec 11 05:00:00 2007 (UTC)
2007-11-27 12:01:12.975 Main temp tables populated.
2007-11-27 12:01:12.984 Did not find any new program data.

Should that first line really say DataDirect? You should be using 
SchedulesDirect. However, as I am not a North American user, I know nothing 
about the way that system works or what messages you may see output. Doubtless 
another reader will advise.

The 'temp table' is not a problem (well, shouldn't be), that's just where the 
update mechanism stashes the downloaded data while it matches against what you 
already have.

The data you already have is in the main Mythtv database. It can be accessed via 
Manage->Schedule Recordings->Programme Guide (In my system. The menu titles may 
vary according to which scheme you are using). Or if you have managed to get 
Mythweb running (a whole nother story), it's the Listings tab.

Mike Perkins

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