[mythtv-users] Additional Storage

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Tue Nov 27 16:28:45 UTC 2007

jedi at mishnet.org wrote:
>> Jay R. Ashworth wrote:
>>> There is one reason why that's not the same (and not quite as good) as
>>> merely copying the dump file...
>>> If you copy the dump file, you only have to lock the whole database
>>> *once*, and all your backup files are exactly the same.  This can be
>>> useful...
> OTOH, doing a remote dump only requires the same network
> access that MythTV itself does. You don't have to setup
> anything extra. You don't worry about how you are going to
> get the other exact copy to the separate machine.
> For this application, locking the database more than once is
> a relatively minor issue. It's a very small, low transaction
> volume database.
The point is that you can end up with two (or more) not-quite-identical database 
dumps if any activity happens between them. That means you can end up with 
potential problems if all hell breaks loose just after that point and you have 
to rebuild.

The safest, and easiest course, is to do what I do - but didn't explicitly say 
in my previous post - dump the db to the backend *once*, then copy the dump file 
off to at least two other servers (I also nightly back up to tape).

Mike Perkins

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