[mythtv-users] Issues with shared NFS media store

David Brodbeck gull at gull.us
Mon Nov 26 22:19:15 UTC 2007

On Nov 26, 2007, at 12:30 PM, Steve Rencontre wrote:

> The other is that if, on the master, I try to access a recording  
> made by
> the slave, then even though the master has the file locally, it still
> goes off to the slave to retrieve it.

You might be able to fix this with the "master backend override"  
setting in mythtv-setup.  In theory this should make the master grab  
the file from its own filesystem if it notices it's there.  In  
practice I've found it doesn't work 100% of the time.

> Worse, if I want to burn a DVD,
> I'm told that I can't because the MythArchive plugin only supports  
> local
> files.
> Have I missed something? Is there any way of telling Myth that the
> slave's storage directory is not a local disk?

Somehow Myth figured it out on my 0.21 system, but I'm not sure how.   
It seems under certain conditions it will figure out that two  
backends are sharing common storage.  Even MythArchive worked on the  
slave backend last time I tried it, but that was at least one upgrade  

I think SVN has much better support for this sort of thing, though.

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