[mythtv-users] HDTV Setup Question

David K dkickham at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 22:15:11 UTC 2007

I've just upgraded from an old CRT to a Panasonic TH-42PZ77U.  I am
connected to my box (M2NPV-VM running Ubuntu) using DVI->HDMI, and I just
can't get the display to work right.  The TV's manual says it has a native
resolution of 1920x1080, so I tried both Mode "1920x1080_60" and Mode
"1080p" in my xorg.conf.  There are two problems: 1) normal display and 2)
watching recordings (live tv).

1) Normal Display
There is a good bit of overscan on screen.  A bunch of the desktop is
cropped off of the TV.  Should I set the overscan in xorg.conf?  I didn't
think this would be necessary for a non-CRT TV.

2) Watching Recordings
I'm still capturing video with a PVR-150 (my HDHomerun is on order).  On my
CRT the video looked just fine.  Now with the HDTV everything is jagged.  It
looks like the horizontal lines aren't aligned or something.  I've tried
changing the aspect ratio, but that didn't help the picture.

Does anyone have any ideas?  Or if anyone has a similar setup, what did you
put in your xorg.conf?  I can attach mine when I get home tonight if that

Thanks in advance,

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