[mythtv-users] help wanted to solve: system dead when I choose "Informaiton Center"->"Phone"

Xi Jiarong XiJiarong at sp.edu.sg
Mon Nov 26 08:27:21 UTC 2007

Hi, everybody!
I wait for one month, still got no reply and help for my this problem.
This problem does exist untill now, feel so sad now.
Hope to get some help.
The problem is: Once I choose "Phone", the whole system would be hang up
and no-response any more.

Thanks in advance!


>I installed MythTV in my Fedora 6 according to the instructions from
>After then, I can watch TV properlly.

>However, when choose "Informaiton Center"->"Phone", once I choose "Phone"
>and press enter on keyboard, then the whole system would be dead and I can

>not do anything more, and I have to restart this linux system.

>Why do I meet this problem, I never found before even though I installed
>MythTV many times.
>Hope to get any suggestion and help for solving this problem!

>Thanks in advances!

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