[mythtv-users] questions on using Mac Mini as remote frontend...

Craig Treleaven ctreleaven at cogeco.ca
Mon Nov 26 03:50:51 UTC 2007

At 10:20 PM -0500 11/25/07, Kent Watsen wrote:
>  From your download image I can tell you're running Mac OS X (not Linux)
>but, for the list's sake, can you let us know how much memory you got in
>both your 1.83 and 1.66 minis?  Also, given your statement regarding
>HDHomeRun - are you also using the Minis as a backend?

Indeed, Mac OS X 10.4.10 with 1 gig of RAM.  The 1.83 mini is a 
combined FE/BE, with MySQL server, and handles commflagging.  At the 
moment, it's playing Brothers & Sisters (chasing live) and 
commflagging Desperate Housewives.  The stats page reports:

This machine's load average:
	*	1 Minute: 2.23828
	*	5 Minutes: 2.2583
	*	15 Minutes: 2.20605

BTW, MythFillDatabase ran earlier this evening while we were watching 
another show.

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