[mythtv-users] PS3 & UPnP not working

Daniel Smith ralyon at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 26 02:55:15 UTC 2007

An alternative to using ffmpeg that I have found is creating a user job 
with mythtranscode. Here is what I used:

mythtranscode -c %CHANID% -s %STARTTIME% -p autodetect -m -e dvd -l; mv 
/var/mythtv/%FILE% /var/mythtv/%FILE%.old; mv /var/mythtv/%FILE%.tmp 
/var/mythtv/%FILE%; mythcommflag -c %CHANID% -s %STARTTIME% --rebuild 

The first 3 switches for mythtranscode (-c, -s, -p) are required (read 
the help if you need to know). "-m" makes it stay in mpeg, "-e dvd" 
makes it a dvd compatible stream type (ps didn't work, weird), -l tells 
it to use the cutlist to cut out commercials (not the skiplist that 
commercial detection gives you).

The first "mv" command simply creates a backup of the original recording 
and can be removed if you don't want a backup (I already have but I 
thought it would be nice to include). The second "mv" moves the newly 
created file in place of the original one (it will overwite it without 
the fist "mv" command).

The last command rebuild the seek table on the new file and clears the 
cutlist since it has already been used. I didn't see an option to clear 
the skiplist so make sure to turn off commercial skipping since they are 
now gone. I'm open to suggestions on this.

I did notice that it takes about a minute to actually start playing. I'm 
not sure what causes that, might even be my physical network (gigabit 
ethernet). I would like to hear what other people experience with this 
as well.

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