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Paul Mason latepaul at gmail.com
Sun Nov 25 16:11:52 UTC 2007

On 23/11/2007, Adam Branaugh <abranaugh at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have a question on a way to order the videos in MythVideo.  Right
> now I have 3 tv shows in their own folder, with each season in a
> seperate folder.  Then each episode is names in this fashion:
> EpisodeNumber EpisdoeName.
> I don't like the episode number there though.  I have edited the
> database where all the metadata is stored and added a boolean field,
> and a int field.  The boolean is a true of false that would be checked
> if it is a TV show or not.  The int field would be for the episdoe
> number.  Now what I would like to do but do not know of a way to do
> it, would be to set each Episode of the tv show in a category named TV
> shows.  Then if the TV shows cateogry is applied, I would like it to
> sort by this int field episodeNumber, otherwise sort by the title.
> I dont' know if the boolean field is necessary or not.  I was thinking
> about not having any category but decided the category idea might be
> simpler.  I added that without thinking everything through completely
> but that can be changed easily.  I think there is a way to do this but
> I do not know how to program in C++, I only have experince in PHP and
> Java.  I was looking at the videofilter.cpp that came with the
> MythPlugins package.   What would be the best way to do this?  I
> probably could figure out what to code if someone could help me figure
> out what exactly it needs to do and where it should be placed.
> I am currently using MythDora by the way, don't know if anything was
> changed when MythDora was created in that script.  I want all the
> videos to show, the movies and the TV shows at the same time, not just
> one or the other.
> If you need any information please feel free to ask.
> Thanks,
> Adam

Why not sort on filename and then just make sure the filenames sort in the
order you want.  I'll bet the TV episodes already do.

Paul Mason
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