[mythtv-users] Import tv shows ripped from DVD to myth Recorded Programs list?

Chris Isip cmisipster at gmail.com
Sun Nov 25 13:53:44 UTC 2007

On Nov 25, 2007 8:14 AM, Marc Sherman <msherman at projectile.ca> wrote:

> Marc Sherman wrote:
> > I've got a bunch of tv shows I ripped from DVDs. Currently they're in
> > MythVideo, but is it possible to import these into the Recorded Programs
> > list instead? Ideally, I'd like to get as much metadata as possible from
> > the web, but I'm willing to type it in if I need to. Any tips?
> I'm a bit confused -- my thread seems to have gotten hijacked by a
> discussion about SQL configuration. Is what I'm asking about possible
> (and preferably scriptable)? Is there a howto anywhere on the wiki that
> I've missed?

I think what you need is an sql command to insert the data into the recorded
table.   Something like:

INSERT INTO recorded (chanid, starttime, endtime, title, subtitle,
description, bookmark, editing, cutlist, hostname, category, autoexpire,
commflagged, recgroup, recordid, seriesid, programid, lastmodified,
filesize, stars, previouslyshown, originalairdate, preserve, findid,
deletepending, transcoder, timestretch, recpriority, basename, progstart,
progend, playgroup, profile, duplicate, transcoded, watched) VALUES
(1050,'2005-05-21 20:00:00','2005-05-21 20:30:00','Justice League
Unlimited','Task Force X','Incarcerated super villains are offered suspended
sentences on the completion of an impossible
20:00:00','2005-05-21 20:30:00','Default','',1,0,0)

It should be scriptable with bash as you can execute mysql commands with :
mysql -umythtv -pmythtv mythconverg -e"INSERT INTO....)

I have not verified that the above works so use at your own risk.  Backup
your database.  There is the added concern that the video needs to be
compatible with the internal player (playback, commflagging, bookmarking
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