[mythtv-users] mythburn.py with subtitle support

Chris Isip cmisipster at gmail.com
Sun Nov 25 01:18:05 UTC 2007

I added subtitle support to mythburn.py through the use of ccextractor and
spumux.  It seems to work for my particular use. ( I dont need to cut out
commercials, I burn NTSC format, and use the helper app I posted earlier to
run mythburn from the command line) .  I've found out a few things.   It
seems subtitle sync is hit and miss and you can only extract the srt files
from the original PVR tuner card recording.  The caption information is lost
when you run mythtranscode --mpeg2 which I need to do to fix the mpeg
files.  It would be nice if future mythtranscode versions would preserve
this information.  It might solve some of the sync issues.  And also prevent
issues with mismatched srt file length and mpeg file length when you use a
cutlist. I needed to disable the FIFO option in the mytharchive setup  so
spumux can add the subtitles to the final.mpg.  Also you need some fonts in
~/.spumux to add subtitles which can be obtained from msttcorefonts.   I've
uploaded the patch for anyone interested.   Use at your own risk.
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