[mythtv-users] Additional Storage

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Sat Nov 24 21:37:01 UTC 2007

Paul Broadwith wrote:
> How is it you are backing them up? 
> Is my suggestion of taking a complete image of each disk (onto another
> 6Gb / 500Gb) a good way forward?

In my case, I use Bacula. This backs off all my *non* Myth storage across my 
network. I don't, currently, back up any Myth recordings. It's only video, after 
all, I have much more important stuff I don't want to lose. Other people have 
mentioned in older posts that if I want something badly enough, there will be a 
repeat somewhere on some channel or other sometime in the future.

You will find many people on here who run raid, or do disk copies via rsync or 
some other method, or have other backup or hardware or software security 
strategies. I would rather use the disk space to hold more video. Some time in 
the future, when I can eventually afford enough disk space, I may change my 
attitude, but for now it's sufficient. Of course, running Myth, there is *never* 
enough disk space!

Mike Perkins

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