[mythtv-users] Import tv shows ripped from DVD to myth Recorded Programs list?

Pamela J. Ashworth (webmail) pashworth at mindspring.com
Sat Nov 24 15:23:55 UTC 2007

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>From: Marc Sherman <msherman at projectile.ca>
>Sent: Nov 24, 2007 9:13 AM
>I've got a bunch of tv shows I ripped from DVDs. Currently they're in 
>MythVideo, but is it possible to import these into the Recorded Programs 
>list instead? Ideally, I'd like to get as much metadata as possible from 
>the web, but I'm willing to type it in if I need to. Any tips?
>- Marc

I've been doing it manually, using phpMyAdmin as an interface to the database so I don't have type SQL statements on a command line. Alas,phpMyAdminis having the same sorting problem mythweb is (plus it keeps tossing me out and telling me I need cookies beyond this point ifi try to search it (although I never disable cookies and i am logged in (oddly it tells me i am loggoed in as someone other than who I logged in as)))

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