[mythtv-users] MythTV on an Xbox

Ian Hodgson ian.hodgson.home at googlemail.com
Sat Nov 24 14:35:05 UTC 2007

      I would appreciate some help with setting up Myth on an Xbox that I
picked up from EBay and intend to use as a front end client. Installing
Xebian is the first step  and this requires that the Xbox BIOS be hacked to
allow a non-MS signed disk to boot. I have a copy of MechAssault, a USB
cable and a USB stick as suggested in '
http://www.xbox-linux.org/wiki/Software_Method_HOWTO', but have run into a
nasty problem with Xbox kernel and dashboard releases. I have Dashboard
1.00.5960.01 which is too high for the MechAssault hack to work.
Now for the question (!), as I have Kernel 1.00.5101.01, I understand that
the Dashboard is downgradable to 1.00.4902.01 which will work with the BIOS
hack; however, I do not know how to get a copy of the BIOS to do the
downgrade. Has anyone else run into this and so can recommend the source for
the BIOS and the steps to do the downgrade.

Many thanks,
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