[mythtv-users] MythTV 0.20.2: frontend can't lock DVB-S - strange behaviour!

Andrew Junev a-j at a-j.ru
Sat Nov 24 11:37:34 UTC 2007

I think I know what the problem is. But I don't know how to correct

It looks like the 'transportid' is not properly configured on the
satellite I'm trying to tune to (Eutelsat W4 36.0E). I mean there are
some transponders with equal networkid and also equal transportid
running on different frequencies. When I scan one transponder, it's
added to dtv_multiplex table. But when I scan another transponder with
the same networkid and transportid, Myth doesn't add a new line
(doesn't create a new mplexid) but changes configuration of the
existing one. Meaning that I loose previously discovered channels, as
they get mapped to the different frequency.

Sorry for probably messing the things up, but I don't have that much
of experience in DVB-S. So I tried to explain the situation the way I
see it.

What can I do? How can I get several transponders with the same
networkid and transportid running on different frequencies configured
in Myth?

Best regards,

Friday, November 23, 2007, 10:09:36 PM, you wrote:

> Hello All,

>   I have Fedora Core 6 and MythTV 0.20.2 set up since quite a few
>   months. I'm watching DVB-S using TT S-1401 card and it was working
>   just great when I had only one antenna.

>   Now I decided to try with another satellite. Therefore I bought a
>   new antenna and a DiSEqc. Everything was connected and HW set up
>   went fine. I first tried with Kaffeine, and it worked great for
>   both satellites - I could watch any channel, DiSEqc switching also
>   worked good.

>   But I seem to have a mysterious problem with my MythTV. At first I
>   went to mythtvsetup, reconfigured my DVB-S card to have a "Switch"
>   with 2 inputs. Then I configured my Video Sources so that each input
>   gets it's own source. Then I went to Channel Search and made a
>   search on all transpoders on the second input. Strangely, it found
>   some channels from the first input and some other channels from the
>   second. So the output was 'mixed'...
>   Ok, no problem with me. I decided to see what I got. I started
>   mythfrontend and tried to watch LiveTV. All the old channels worked
>   just fine. But the new ones got 'No Lock'.

>   I removed DiSEqc, connected the new antenna directly to the DVB-S
>   card and repeated the Channel Search. This time it found lots of
>   channels (seem to be the right ones). But my frontend still shows
>   'No Lock' despite all my efforts. OSD shows (L_s) most of the time,
>   although sometimes it's just (l__).

>   Strangely, during channel search my mythtvsetup locks to the feeds
>   and gets channel listing very well. Signal strength shouldn't be an
>   issue too, since Kaffeine always locks to the new channels just
>   fine. Signal level/quality is also quite high.

>   I think I tried almost everything, except dropping the database and
>   creating it all from the very beginning. I still tend to think
>   that's the last thing I shoud do...

>   Does anybody have any ideas what I can do with that?

>   Thanks!

>   P.S. My mythbackend.log doesn't say anything about channel lock:

> 2007-11-23 22:00:01.003 TVRec(6): Enabling Full LiveTV UI.
> 2007-11-23 22:00:01.004 Preview Error: Previewer file
> '/video/store/33070_20071123213813.mpg' is not valid.
> 2007-11-23 22:00:02.148 Finished recording Unknown: channel 33070
> 2007-11-23 22:00:02.157 Preview Error: Previewer file
> '/video/store/33070_20071123220000.mpg' is not valid.
> 2007-11-23 22:00:02.165 TVRec(6): Enabling Full LiveTV UI.
> 2007-11-23 22:00:03.312 Finished recording Unknown: channel 33070
> 2007-11-23 22:00:03.327 TVRec(6): Enabling Full LiveTV UI.
> 2007-11-23 22:00:03.334 Preview Error: Previewer file
> '/video/store/33070_20071123220002.mpg' is not valid.
> 2007-11-23 22:00:04.505 Finished recording Unknown: channel 33070  

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