[mythtv-users] Can the DVICO USB remote receiver be used with otherremotes?

Anthony Giggins seven at seven.dorksville.net
Sat Nov 24 03:03:36 UTC 2007

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Hello all,
was wondering if you can get the DVICO (Ultraview) remote control
receiver to receive signals from other remote controls.
I have seen documentation for windows software that apparently works but
I so far cannot get LIRC to receive anything from my other remotes.
I have tried "irw" and cat "/dev/usb/hiddev0" and I only ever get
response from the DVICO remote.
Any advice?

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See if irrecord picks up anything......

Kinda Off Topic:
My Dvico USB receiver seems to respond to anything (Lights turning on, the
flash on a camera, other remotes) which is not as I would desire but it
seems to translate this into whatever the last button pressed on the remote
was. Anyone got any idea what would be causing this?


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