[mythtv-users] playback recorded shows

Thom room_mythtv at novalink.us
Fri Nov 23 22:45:22 UTC 2007

  bram kortleven wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a little (read: stupid) question:
> I recorded some showings with my newly setup mythtv installation 
> (backend KnoppMLyth R5f27, frontend Ubuntu Feisty + Mythtv 0.20 from 
> ubuntu feisty repo's), and I can see them when going to Manage 
> recordings - Previously recorded.
> Now I want to play them...
> I tried all key commands, nothing starts the playback.
> When going to Media, recordings, I only see the shows I watched in 
> LiveTV mode.
> I can stream through MythStream, but as the Frontend is there, it 
> should be possible to watch the recordings done by the backend server...
> How (or where if I'm looking in the wrong places) do I start playing 
> the recorded showings?
> Please let me know... I'm desperately looking for a way to playback 
> the recordings... and I don't want to have my backend disks filled 
> before I can start watching... ;)
> MythTV rocks!!! That's for sure... Only been using this setup (had one 
> before with a buggy bt8x8 card that never worked, now retried with a 
> simple DVB-C card, and it roooocks!!!!
> Thanks guys for the work, and the response!
If the recorded programs are not in Media, Watch Recordings (or 
something like that), you might check your settings for how long it 
keeps recordings before deleting them.  The first few shows I recorded 
seemed to get deleted before I ever watched them.  It was set for one day. 

I don't know if that's happening to you, but you might check that if you 
can't find them.  I set mine to NOT delete recordings, just LiveTV.  I 
delete recordings when I specifically don't want them anymore.
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