[mythtv-users] Athlon X2 BE2300 ok for HDTV?

Andreas linuxdreas at launchnet.com
Fri Nov 23 06:22:47 UTC 2007

Am Donnerstag, 22. November 2007 18:27:56 schrieb Chris Ribe:
> On Nov 22, 2007 5:44 PM, Andreas <linuxdreas at launchnet.com> wrote:
> > I saw an interesting ad for the Athlon X2 Dualcore BE2300 & ECS
> > mainboard at
> > Fry's and was wondering if anyone knows if using such a system would be
> > fast enough for playback of QAM and/or ATSC recordings?
> >
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> > Andreas
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> If I was going to be pedantic, I would give an unqualified "yes." QAM and
> ATSC are simply modulation schemes, and your tuner bears the sole
> responsibility of dealing with them.  By the time your video gets to Myth
> for playback it has been demodulated into a bitstream.  The resolution
> and codec will determine the amount of processor needed at that point.
> That said, you did mention HDTV in the subject line, so I will give a
> qualified "yes" as my final answer.  With the right video card and driver
> you will be able to playback 1080i mpeg-2 content just fine with that
> processor.  You may not be able to utilize all of the available
> deinterlacing methods for 1080i content, though.
> -chris

Well, that confirms what I was thinking: That the cpu is on the lower end of 
the spectrum. I may give it a try though and report back to the list :)


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