[mythtv-users] No Astra 2D channels with Nova-SPlus, STB shows them ok?

Mark Guz mark at guz.org.uk
Thu Nov 22 22:00:32 UTC 2007

On 11/20/07, Mark Guz <mark at guz.org.uk> wrote:
> Just a little nudge.
> Maybe someone can point me in the direction of information that would
> explain why scan and mythtv won't lock onto transponders below 11700 Mhz V
> or H, all on astra 2D but dvbtune/dvbstream have no problems with locking
> on.
> I'm going nuts with this. I just can't get my head round it. If the signal
> is strong enough for one app to lock on, why can't the others?
> /sounds of more hair being torn out......
> Regards
> Mark Guz

More nudging. I've noticed something strange. If I tune the card to one of
the low band transponders that myth or scan can't tune to themselves, then
run scan -c I get the wrong info back.

i.e. if i tune to Astra 2D transponder 47, 10803000 H 22000000 then run
"scan -c" i get this back...

BBC 1 Scotland:12523:v:0:27500:5000:5001:6421
BBC 2 Scotland:12523:v:0:27500:5100:5101:6422

Right channels right v and a pids and but completely wrong freq, pol and sr

Can anyone out there in mythland point me to somewhere that can help me in
this? Am I really the only one out there that's had/having this problem?

Your's Despondantly

Mark Guz
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