[mythtv-users] AAC 5.1 decode and analog playback

Nick F nikos.f at gmail.com
Thu Nov 22 15:10:17 UTC 2007

On 11/22/07, Mark Fink <marksfink at yahoo.com> wrote:
> To Nick Rout's response, I will try-out muxing H.264/AC3 into an avi, and
> see how it goes.  Other folks who have done this have reported problems with
> the audio and video getting out of sync on playback, especially when they
> fast-forward or rewind.  But there may have been peculiarities in their
> setup.  If its not too time-consuming (relative to other options), and I
> don't have the sync issues, then I could certainly warm up to it.
> Trouble is, I have no gear right now to test this stuff out and was
> looking for feedback on my thoughts before spending money.  And with the box
> that I plan to build, I want to leave my options open with these various
> ways of doing things, so if I have issues with one method, I can fall back
> on another.

Interesting thread.  Most of my DVDs on on my server in 'raw' VOB mode - but
I have found that 2TB fills up pretty quickly!  The few I have done were all
Xvid / AC3, but this thread has motivated me to try H.264/AC3 to compare
with the results I get.  I've got no patience for these 6-step processes
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