[mythtv-users] quiet, small, fanless frontend

Magnus Gustafsson magnus at gusse.se
Thu Nov 22 13:23:59 UTC 2007

Thanks guys! That was a lot of interesting and valuable info.

> If you want to stay away from the hassle of bleeding edge openchrome get
> a CLE266 based board.

I conclude that I should avoid CX700, CN700 and possibly go for CLE266.
What about CN400?

>  Just my thoughts. I've got an EPIA M10000 board used for almost exactly
> that apart from I don't have a DVD drive fitted in it and I use mythvideo
> quite a bit. It uses as a CLE266 for hardware MPEG2 decoding as Tim
> mentioned so that is possibly a plus.

Ok, so these boards will let me watch DVDs without problem?

> I'm running minimyth (www.linpvr.org) on it and booting over the network
> therefore no disk or CF card. Mine is only switched on when I am going to

Minimyth looks promising! I'm using Debian on my backend but they will
hopefully not clash. I suppose that it will be a problem if the releases
of myth are out of sync, regarding the protocol.

The documentation on the minimyth site states that "... none of these
CPUs is powerful enough to handle MythGallery image scaling ...".
Refering to Via C3 CPUs I think. Not so encouraging!

> The latest minimyth can suspend to RAM, saving power. Switches 'off'
> in about 5 seconds, resumes in about 8 seconds. Mine uses the same
> power - about 2.8W in suspend mode that it does when 'off' but still
> plugged in.

Nice! Then I can consider using board/case with a fan after all. Which
gives me a chance to use higher CPU freq.

> You don't even need this if you boot over the network. You need a
> backend machine, so when not use it to netboot?

Yes, I will definitely try netbooting since I probably won't boot that

I'll look for a MCE remote!

Thanks again!


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