[mythtv-users] Seeking advice on new F/E for mythtv.

Lindsay Mathieson lindsay at softlog.com.au
Thu Nov 22 10:31:11 UTC 2007

john blue wrote:
> We are based in Australia and TV transmission uses PAL.

Another Aussie onboard! I'm in Brisbane, kiwi expat

> I then successfully installed and setup the Shepherd Australian TV
> guide grabber and that is working quite well.

Doesn't get any better then shepherd

> After doing a lot of searching, reading, and some fiddling I have not
> really persevered to get a remote control working, so I am using
> mythtv on this office PC with a keyboard ( and not always so
> successfully).

I sort of had the LeadTek Winfast remote working, but to be honest I'm
not keen on the bundled remotes - fiddly, small keys. I'd go with a
specialised one.
> Is onboard Nvidia video OK, or should I get a PCI-e Nvidia card?

What chipset is it? anything over 5200 should be good. What inputs does
your TV take? the onboard cards usually only do DVI/VGA

> Overall I want to be able to utilize at least 3 DVB-T TV cards, and
> maybe 4 in the future. There are two in the Office system and I want
> to keep that as the master backend, so I need to add 1 or 2 two PCI
> cards to the new front end?

Why not just add them to the backend? simpler to manage.

> So perhaps my question should be can I use just one remote to run Mythtv?

I believe so. I get the MS MCE remote - got mine for $40 + $14 shipping
- very nice, well supported, good ergonimics backlit and it includes a
ir blaster.

> Related to this question is the matter of a suitable case, and I have
> been considering various HTPC silver cases, Silverstone have quite a
> few and I was wondering If I select one with the VFD & remote whether
> the remotes will work OK out of the box, irrespective of TV cards in use?

Some may - I know the Antec Fusion Case & VFD are supported. Best to
search the Myth wiki for the case in question.

Good luck,

Cheers  Lindsay

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