[mythtv-users] FIXED: Avermedia A180 misdetected as "Air2PC v2" in recent Subversion build...tuner doesn't work now

Scott Alfter mythtv at salfter.dyndns.org
Thu Nov 22 09:16:27 UTC 2007

(Sorry about the broken threading in this reply...my mail server was acting
wonky and didn't receive either my original message or the reply that's quoted
below.  They got through to the gossamer-threads archive, though.)

Kevin Kuphal wrote:
> On Nov 21, 2007 11:37 PM, Scott Alfter wrote:
>> I had been running various 0.20.2 ebuilds until this evening, when I
>> decided to give the bleeding edge a shot while swapping out backend
>> hardware. My A180 had been working like a champ, but now it doesn't pick
>> up any channels (it's hooked up to cable to receive local HD). Scanning
>> for new channels picks up nothing.
> Myth doesn't detect the cards, it only reports what your driver says. Check
> your modules in your kernel to make sure they are right. 

The kernel configuration between the two machines was identical.  I looked at
what modules were getting loaded...they should've been the same, but the
"problem child" wasn't loading the saa7134 module properly.  Adding these
module-load rules (cribbed from another system that used to be my backend...and
might be again; see below) fixed it:

add above nxt200x ivtv
add above saa7134 saa7134-dvb

With that in place, it found the channels without any problem.

(And now for something completely different, I think this current system may
end up being a demonstration why VIA-chipset motherboards are to be avoided for
MythTV use.  It's an ECS KV2 Extreme, which used the VIA K8T800 Pro chipset.
I'm getting DMA errors from the built-in FireWire after less than an hour of
uptime.  I tried adding in a PCI FireWire card, but then the A180 disappeared
(didn't even show up in the list of devices at POST).  Pulling the FireWire
card let the A180 show up again.  I might let it run overnight and see if it'll
run right now that the A180 is properly loaded, but if it keeps acting up, I
suspect I'll end up making my Core 2 Duo rig (an E6300 on a Gigabyte P945-S3)
my dedicated backend and make one of my Athlon 64s (probably the 3700 on an
Abit KN8) a dedicated frontend.  Of course, if Fry's has anything interesting
planned for Black Friday, that's another option. :-) )

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