[mythtv-users] Multiple directories

lanas lanas at securenet.net
Thu Nov 22 01:25:25 UTC 2007

On Wednesday, 21 Nov 2007 09:42:48 -0800,
Brad DerManouelian <myth at dermanouelian.com> wrote :

> time. Every time you wanted to add a video, you'd have to manually
> delete a bunch of recordings to fit the video or automatically expire
> a bunch of programs to import it. I can actually see how that would
> be ok. I can also see a thousand threads on this list saying, "What
> happened to my recordings? I imported a video and now my precious TV
> programs are gone!" or better yet, "I don't have anything set to
> auto-expire, imported a video and now my system is hosed because I
> filled up all available drive space."

I don't see how these comments could come about if the user is properly
warned.  The user could optionally also have experience with VCR tapes
and know that you can't record past the tape's end.  Same with disks
when full capacity is reached.  Moreover, since media compression can
be known by type (if applicable), it could be possible to tell the user
beforehand if he can import his Lord of the Rings DVD collection or
not.  if not a simple 'df' dome by the application on a mounted DVD
would tell the size, no ?

Myth already has an estimate of how much TV time can be recorded based
on disk space I think.

My two cents.


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