[mythtv-users] questions on using Mac Mini as remote frontend...

Justin Kim justinlkim at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 19:00:46 UTC 2007

My 1.66 Core Duo Mini is almost fast enough to play back 1080i.  I 
see pretty consistent stuttering and the processor pegs.  If I turn 
off "Scale Video as Necessary" in he TV playback settings, I can play 
back 1080 content just fine.

All playback is over a standard wired connection

One thing I do see on both my mini and my 2.33GHz Core 2 Duo Macbook 
Pro is occasional slowdown of video.  This is especially noticeable 
when there are slow pans, every few seconds I see the video slow down 
for a moment, then catch back up.   In most situations, it isn't 
noticeable, but when it is, it's glaringly obvious.

There isn't anything wrong with the video files.  They play back just 
fine in VLC.


At 9:30 AM -0500 11/20/07, Steven Adeff wrote:
>I'm thinking of getting a Mac Mini for the bedroom as primarily a
>remote mythfrontend for watching TV/DVD and playing music.
>reading through the list and the wiki it seems like all the major
>parts of mythfrontend work with the OSX compile of mythtv including
>SPDIF output for AC3 on the newer Intel Mini's. I'll be using wireless
>for now, but will run a cat5e line to the bedroom so i can play back
>my recorded HD content.
>But I do have some questions...
>1080p stutter? i'm confused on this issue, it seems to be only with
>the older, slower, Mini's or that it's just that people were trying to
>playback 1080i content over wireless? where does this stand right now?
>DVD playback? There seems to be a patch to use the internal framework
>but that looks to have been abandoned. What is the option for playing
>DVD's back in mythfrontend on OS X then?
>x264/h264 playback? I assume the cpu is more than capable of playing
>this back? I've got some conversions of tv shows to x264 and am hoping
>to be able to play them back.
>MythMusic? does it work or do people just use iTunes?
>any other current gotchas? I'll be running SVN since thats what I have
>on my backend and main frontend.
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