[mythtv-users] questions on using Mac Mini as remote frontend...

Fredrik Hallgarde mythtv at tedde.nu
Wed Nov 21 18:40:53 UTC 2007

Craig Treleaven skrev:
>> At 6:23 PM +0100 11/21/07, Fredrik Hallgarde wrote:
>> My intention is to use the internal receiver (if possible) with a
>> Hauppuage or MCE remote, anyone with this setup?
> I've searched a fair bit and have not found a way to use another remote with the built-in IR receiver so far.  It is a USB human interface device in the Mac OS so it is not inconceivable that it could be used to receive IR signals from non-Apple emitters.  It just looks like no one has done that work.  And it is well beyond my abilities. 
> BTW, I looked at using the IR receiver in my HDHomeRun.  It is compatible with LIRC and there is a version of LIRC for the Mac that can receive signals from the HDHomeRun via the irw utility.  I need to recompile Myth to include LIRC support, however, to test how they might work together.  Real life has intruded and I won't get to that for a while...
> Craig
Well, real life has limited my time to configure my Mac Mini FE but I 
*do* think at least some of the work has been done.

So far my searching has lead me here:
which also points here

A few interesting points from those threads:
-The mac mini's internal receiver works with LIRC, at least for some 
versions of the Mac Mini
-As the mac remote can be told to generate new codes there are ways to 
teach a learning remote several codes that are recognized as genuine mac 
codes (40 codes are mentioned in the thread), this approach excludes an 
MCE remote though
-The 2.6.21 kernel blacklisted appleir which cause some issues, this 
also applies to at least SuSE and Ubuntu 2.6.20 versions!
-Some kernel configs affect the ability to use the macmini driver (for 
LIRC) and adding support for the mac receiver may hamper other 
receivers, making swithing receiver require a kernel reconfigure (and 
probably re-compile)

One of the most interesting alternative approaches I have found so far 
is this:
Which uses the apple remote´s codes and the mythtv telnet interface in 

Anyone with updates?


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