[mythtv-users] Cant record two channels simultaneously

Ismo Tanskanen ismot at telemail.fi
Wed Nov 21 10:02:32 UTC 2007

Ismo Tanskanen wrote:
>  Today I noticed this problem first time (obviously I haven't never
>  recorded two programs at same time earlier)
>  I have two DVB-T cards, dvb0 with conax card reader and dvb1 without
>  cardreader.
>  I have assigned dvb0 with video source named "ant1" and dvb1 with "ant2"
>  I have scanned channels with both card, and named them same for both.
>  Also channel numbers are set to same. In channel scanner I see every
>  channel twice, other for ant1 and another for ant2. But EPG shows
>  channels fine, not twice.
>  I have set ant2 record priority +1, because I don't want myth record
>  with dvb0, if dvb1 is available. Reason for that is that I can watch pay
>  channels with dvb0 (card reader)
>  Now I have scheduled two programs at same time, and myth seems to record
>  only one. For another program it says "conflict", even there is two
>  tuners. I can select "preferred input" ant1 for other and ant2 to
>  another, but it does not accept ant1, still says "conflict"
>  I also tried to drop record priority for ant2 to 0, but no help.
>  I believe this has something to do with my channelscanner and because
>  channels are there twice. But I can't figure, how to use same channels
>  for both cards? I can't assign more than one card to one video source.
>  What I'm doing wrong?
>  I'm using svn.
>  Thanks at advance
>  -kane

AFAIK setting the priority for one card higher than the other will cause
the effect you see as myth will try to use that card over everything
else and will sometimes not record on the other so that it can record on
the priority input at a later time. It may also cause scheduling
conflicts. What I would suggest doing is setting both to the same value
and make the first card you set up in mythtv-setup the one that has the
larger channel list. Myth will try to use the first card setup as the
first recording device and will only use the second one if 1) both are
required or 2) the channel needed is only available on one input.


Thanks for tip,

I have setup card with larger channel list (encrypted channels too) as 
But if I have card priority set vboth to same value, myth uses first 
card for all recordings (if they are not overlapping, of cource). And 
this causes that I can't watch encrypted channels, when myth records.

If I set card without card reader first, then myth uses it allways when 
possible, but I have to manually change tuner, if I want to watch 
encrypted channels, because in livetv myth allways selects first tuner.

Is there any else setting, that I can tell myth to use second card when 
possible, and first card only after that? Or can I force livetv to use 
tuner 2 ?


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