[mythtv-users] On nVidia 6200 can run SVIDEO TVOutFormat, can't run COMPONENT

Levander levander at mindspring.com
Wed Nov 21 03:31:01 UTC 2007

Mitch Gore wrote:
> the cable is the same thing.  I would either take the card back or head 
> over to the nvidia linux forums.  they have staff they may be able to 
> help you out.  Or maybe you can open a ticket with nvidia.
> Sorry i cant be of more help.

Amen and hallelujah!!  Over a weeks worth of free time and I finally got it working.

I originally bought two of those Leadtek A6200's.  One of them went bad and took a monitor out with it.  Finally got Leadtek to send me a new one and it sat in a box for awhile because waiting for the replacement card, the itch to tinker with my hardware had passed.

So, I go to set up Myth and pull the warranty replacement out of the box.  Doesn't work.  Tonight, I finally get around to sticking it in my Windows box, and try to get component out working on it.  But, I'm only given the option for Composite, S-Video, and DVI.  The warranty replacement they sent me isn't the same broken one I send them.  Even though I've gone back and looked, and all the stickers and everything on the outside are exactly the same.

I slipped the Leadtek A6200 that was in my Windows box into the Linux box, and it worked right away.  Full color on a component output.  I happened to have left a functioning xorg.conf for component out on the system before I took it down for tinkering.

Although, when I use this file you sent me Mitch, after I log into GDM, X starts to come up, but it crashes.  When I used the xorg.conf that I had modified from a xorg.conf.failsafe to support component out, X works fine.  I'm thinking it's some of the modules that aren't loaded in the xorg.conf.failsafe.  I still have some tinkering to do.

Having people that knew whether or not the xorg.confs I was making should work or not really helped in determining if the problem was a user error, or if there was something wrong with the hardware &/ driver.


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