[mythtv-users] Playing ripped videos: out-of-sync audio at times

lanas lanas at securenet.net
Tue Nov 20 21:40:20 UTC 2007

On Tuesday, 20 Nov 2007 15:19:50 -0500,
Rod Smith <mythtv at rodsbooks.com> wrote :

> There are some configuration options relating to how MythTV syncs
> audio to video. Unfortunately, I don't recall their exact locations
> in the configuration GUI or their exact names, but you could try
> perusing these menus to see what you can find and experiment with
> these settings.

Speaking of configuration, surely MythTV follows one of Linux's best
pratices, which is to store configuration settings in plain text
files.  I've looked at ~/.mythtv but it seems there are no full config
file in there that would reflect all of the choices available from the
GUI.  Where would that, or these, config files be ?  


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