[mythtv-users] Scheduling: The double meaning of 0

lanas lanas at securenet.net
Tue Nov 20 19:08:48 UTC 2007


  Recently I missed a recording because of the interface to the manual
scheduling.  It ended up being one hour later.  If GUIs are to be
largely metaphors of common objects, then the way the time is set is

  Usually with anything, alarm clocks, cell phones, thermostats,
whatever, the setting of the time and minutes are independent.  You set
the time and then the minutes and you don't expect the time to change.
Not so in MythTV.  For instance, if you access Manual scheduling and
the default time is 9:30 and you want it to be 10:00 and if you first
start to change the time to 10 and the the minutes to 00, it can very
well be that the time will automatically change to 11, depending if
you've chosen the 00 at the top or the bottom of the drop down list.
Trying doing that on an alarm clock.  0 is 0 and that's it.  if you
hold a button and the minutes are changing by themselves, the hour will
not change if you go from 59 to 00.  Some devices might be doing that,
but I've never seen any like this before.  Moreover, the GUI in Myth is
not a spin button but a drop down list.

  So, it'd be nice if both zeroes offered in the Myth drop down list in
manual scheduling would actually mean plain 00 and would not, in one
instance, increment the hour.



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