[mythtv-users] Playing ripped videos: out-of-sync audio at times

lanas lanas at securenet.net
Tue Nov 20 19:00:08 UTC 2007


  When playing videos ripped by MythTV, sometimes the audio is way out
of sync.  Terminating mythfrontend and immediately mounting the iso
file and launching xine on it ('xine dvd:/mnt/disk') does not show this

  Going back to mythfrontend, and trying it again, the audio of the
playing video is still out of whack.  Trying to play a short mpeg clip
does not show this problem.  After several tries, and then going back
to the orignal video with the problem, the sound is suddenly in sync and
everything is fine.

  Myth was configured to play videos with 'xine -f --no-splash %s' but
I changed it to 'Internal'.  Both ways the problem was there.

  This might look like some other process ran by mythfrontend might
interfere with playing videos. Mobo is brand new AMD X2 with 2GB of
RAM, DMA and 32 bit access are enabled on the IDE hard disk.  IDE bus is
shared with a DVD drive.

Is there any optimization that can be done so that the audio is always
in sync ?



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