[mythtv-users] Mechanical cable splitter

greg at nodecam.com greg at nodecam.com
Tue Nov 20 17:58:56 UTC 2007

> What I meant by "instant response" was when you press the button to change
> the channel, the channel would change as fast as one could imagine it
> changing, rather than 1-2 seconds behind as some tuner cards do (my
> PVR-250
> performed like this when I used it under MS Windows with the included
> Hauppauge PVR software, which was much slower than Myth).  I'm not sure
> what
> the cable box lag would actually be if you were to log it on an
> oscilloscope
> or something, but maybe 50-100ms.

Ah - sorry - I thought you were referring to using the cable box's guide
over the capture card, which I thought was a pretty silly idea.

50-100ms is pretty good - I think I'm looking at probably closer to
250-500 ms on my digital cable box.

The satellite receiver I had before that was much much much worse (worse
than Myth by a large margin) which "cured" me of channel surfing.

Myth used to be quite bad for channel surfing lag, but I think it's in the
half second ballpark for me now with livetv (again, not that I do it.) 
What version are you running?

> me at all, but my wife likes to channel surf.  So when you change the
> channel up 20 times, and then realize you skipped over a channel you

Ah - I don't even have channel-up/channel-down mapped on my remote, so
maybe I'm being shielded because I'm actually punching in channel numbers
when I flip back and forth from channel to channel (usually when I've only
got one tuner available, but I want to watch two games at the same time.)

> designed well, it will work as the user wants it to work.  For the last 27
> years at least (I'm 27 years old), most any TV I have used was capable of
> changing channels about as fast as you can press/release the channel
> up/down
> button, or capable of stopping on the channel currently displayed when the
> channel up/down button is held (some older cable boxes excluded).  What

I think if you go back to the very start of that 27 year period, you'll
find that remote controls were not in common use.  I'm 32, and I remember
the first time I saw a remote control - and it was connected with a wire. 
Just a nitpick, I'm sure you don't remember a time without remotes. ;)

> I'm referring to would be on an SDTV or a computer monitor

Digital?  I think digital tuners tend to be a lot more laggy than analog,
at least from my experiences.  It was extremely offputting when I first
got satellite TV back in 199<mumble> (don't remember) but I eventually
"got used to it."  Myth wasn't a step back for me in that regard, since I
still had satellite when I first set up Myth.

It'll never be as fast as tuning a channel on a TV though.


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