[mythtv-users] mytharchive - without reencoding?

Chandi Chandi at CeQuiSePasseEnRegion.com
Tue Nov 20 17:03:43 UTC 2007



I record my shows at the actual resolution and bitrate that I'd like to have
on my DVDs. My point is to NOT reencode.which is too slow on my P3. 

The problem is that if I don't reencode and I watch on my standalone DVD
player, the show is not deinterlaced. Which I guess is because the DVD
player doesn't see the show is actually interlaced. 


I don't know if that information is of any use but my DVD player is set to
Progressive mode.!?


Myth's recording settings:




Aspect Ratio : 16/9 

DVD-Special 2

Bitrate 6000/8000

Audio : 48000 Layer 2 96kbps



What should I do to not reencode  my shows ?




Chandi Bernier


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