[mythtv-users] Astound Unencrypted Channels

Brad DerManouelian myth at dermanouelian.com
Tue Nov 20 14:41:01 UTC 2007

First, thanks for the response. Exactly what I was looking for!

On Nov 20, 2007, at 12:52 AM, Yeechang Lee wrote:

> Over FireWire, everything one is subscibed to. Yes, that includes
> premium channels. This was an RCN policy that Astound has inherited
> (and may also practice elsewhere, as many smaller cable providers
> reportedly do), and is why I originally chose RCN over Comcast.
> Two caveats:
> Analog (<100) channels haven't come in right over FireWire since late
> September. A firmware upgrade on my DCT-6200 apparently caused the
> problem; basically, FireWire feeds for these channels will shut down
> after a minute or six. Before the cutoff, the audio is fine but the
> video is a little fuzzy and the OSD is very fuzzy when, before, the
> video was rock solid considering its analog conveyance. It's not a
> copy-once (CCI/RC flags) issue; I've checked the diagnostics screen. I
> do miss TCM and Cartoon Network but I of course much prefer still
> having access to the digital, including HD, channels to the other way
> around.

Have you tried getting analog channels with an analog capture device?  
I've got a PVR150, PVR350, HDHomeRun and a pcHDTV-5500. With this  
information you've given me, my plan is to only get 1 STB and use  
firewire from that for stuff that works over firewire, then use the  
pcHDTV-5500s DVB interface for anything I can get through that via  
cable. Both HDHR inputs will be for OTA since I can get all the OTA  
broadcast stations where I am and prefer OTA picture quality to  
compressed digital HD.

> KBWBDT (166) has its RCI/CC flag set to non-zero values, preventing
> any access to it via FireWire. This occurred several months ago. I've
> been in touch with technical support, and I've read the relevant
> mailing list threads on the subject Joe Borne started last
> month. Contrary to his findings, my research indicates that the CCI
> (the infamous "broadcast flag") is set *by the broadcast station*, and
> cable companies are required to pass it through without
> alteration. This is consistent with what Astound technical support
> told me after much befuddlement on their part. I have not yet tried to
> contact KBWB about the issue, mostly becuase I have access to it over
> the air.

Weird. I can get this OTA so I'm not worried about it, either.

> I'd suggest you first try requesting a DCT-6416 (DVR) cable box;
> you'll of course ignore its DVR functionality and just use it as a
> FireWire box as I use my 6200s. However, if you find that either one
> (or both) of these issues does not occur with the box, stick with it
> and let me know; I'd probably want to swap myself. Otherwise, swap it
> for a 6200 and save a few dollars.
> I don't know for sure about QAM. I have a HDHomeRun for over-the-air
> use that I did recently try, on a whim, QAM scanning with. I didn't
> have and luck in finding valid channels but it's entirely possible I
> just wasn't motivated enough to get it right, given how nice the
> status quo is. Working QAM would, of course, render the CCI flag
> moot. Again, let me know if you can get any/all channels via QAM.

My DirecTV contract is up in December I believe so I'm going to go for  
a cable installation and keep them both for a couple of months and see  
which one I like better. I'll definitely let you know how the QAM  
stuff goes with my pcHDTV-5500.


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