[mythtv-users] What resolution am I recording at?

Brian Phillips brian.phillips at gmx.net
Tue Nov 20 14:18:39 UTC 2007

I've got a question about the resolutions I'm making my recordings at.

I set my mythtv frontend to record at 720x480 resolution.  I've got a
mythdora 4 combined FE/BE, but the setting that I am talking about is on the
frontend under setup>tv settings>recording profiles>mpeg2 encoder cards.

I set my GNOME/X to run at 640x480.

V4l2-ctl tells me that my encoder card is set for 480x480 output.

I have a 4:3 television and was under the assumption that all my videos
coming out are 720x480.  I realize now that's not a valid 4:3 resolution,
but it really doesn't matter at this point because I'm not sure that setting
affected much of anything.  I checked the mpg files produced by my hauppage
pvr-500 and a single screenshot of them has a resolution of 640x480.

So am I right in assuming that the resolution I'm recording at is 640x480?
Why does v4l ctl tell me that my card is outputting 480x480?  Is my mythbox
upconverting to make it 640x480? 

This is all relevant because as I'm exploring nuvexport, it's pulling from
the database that my movies are 480x480, and that it needs to crop them to
460x460, so what I am left with is a clip where the right side of the movie
is missing.  To remedy, I just hardcoded into the mencoder.pm that the crop
setting should be 620x460, but I really think my editing of the scripts is
just a hack and not the correct way of going about it.

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