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Tue Nov 20 12:56:16 UTC 2007


Andrew Ingram wrote:
> I just wondered if anyone can help shed some light on some weirdness I'm 
> seeing with uPNP. 
> I've got my mythbox (fe/be combined) running 0.20. I've also got a PS3 and a 
> PC with Vista Ultimate on it. Vista can see the Myth box as a media server, 
> but can't find any media on it. The PS3 (running v2.0 firmware) can see the 
> Vista box and browse it's media, but it can't see my Myth box at all. So 
> basically, I'm unable to get anything from my Myth box from either of the 
> other machines, and only one of those other machines can even see the Myth 
> box. All are on one small private wired network btw. 
> So does anyone have any info which may help? Should I be running 0.20.2 for 
> better uPNP support? Do I need to configure anything
> especially for this? I'd assume something is configured right if Vista can 
> see Myth as a media server. 
> Anyway, any help/advice would be appreciated! 

i had/have a similar issue with Upnp and a dreambox. There are bigger
changes regarding upnp code in myth from 0.20.1 to 0.20.2 and even
bigger changes to recent trunk version. I use my Mythbox running 0.20.1
via upnp but from 0.20.2 onwards i could not browse it any more.

So you might want to try 0.20.1?


> Thanks,
> Andrew 
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