[mythtv-users] Dell PowerEdge 2550 1 GHz as dedicated backend/storage..?

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 22:55:32 UTC 2007

> >     If you are an archiver than the cost of SCSI is going to be a killer.
> > Companies aren't even bothering to us SCSI for "archiving" anymore and
> > are instead opting for ATA based solutions.
> After 20 years experience with hard drives, I think I'll continue to
> believe that SCSI bubbles are more reliable, even if people's white
> papers don't back me up.
At work (where I have purchased hundreds of drives) and at home
(several dozen) my numbers are just the opposite but my scsi sample
set is much smaller than my SATA or IDE (like 30 SATA/IDE to 1 SCSI
overall) so I really can not make any conclusions.


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