[mythtv-users] VIA M787 Motherboard and mythfrontend

Thomas Kaiser mythtv at kaiser-linux.li
Mon Nov 19 20:26:26 UTC 2007

Hello members of the list

I have a VIA M787 Motherboard something like this one 
http://www.ciao.co.uk/PCCHIPS_M787CL__5411051 and I would like to use this as a 

I have 512MB RAM installed.

I use KnoppMyth Live CD to test if this MB is able to run as a Mythfrontend. It 
looks not so bad, KnoppMyth is starting and plays a stream from my Myth Backend 
box, but the picture holds all second or so for may be 200ms. Thus, not usable 
for watching TV.

Has anybody on this list any experience with this MB?

At the moment I have only the CDROM attached to the MB.

The Backend is a AMD64, 2600 with 1 GB of RAM. Network is Gigabit Ehternet.

Help please :-)



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