[mythtv-users] Dell PowerEdge 2550 1 GHz as dedicated backend/storage..?

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 20:08:41 UTC 2007

> In evaluting what I think is a Good Idea for storage solutions for
> MythTV, remember that my sister is an Archiver, not a Catch and Release
> viewer.  So we're a bit more inclined to SCSI, or RAID, or both (not
> that we actually have either implemented at the moment).
> But Cost/Benefit Analyses include benefit, as well we costs.
I can understand (to some degree) using SCSI drives for video in an
enterprise but for a home user I do not believe it is a good choice.
SCSI drives are smaller, cost more per GB, use significantly more
power per/GB than current SATA drives. They have an advantage of
having significantly better seek times and better STRs but I am not
convinced that this would be a selling point for a MythTV system. I
did not mention reliability as a plus for SCSI because I am not
convinced SCSI is any more reliable than SATA considering that there
have been a few recent studies (google being one of them) that say the
reliability is about the same.


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