[mythtv-users] Multiple directories

Ian Barton lists at manor-farm.org
Mon Nov 19 14:27:54 UTC 2007

>>>> You could of course replace your recordings with symbolic
>>>> links to files stored elsewhere, and I think there are scripts around
>>>> that will let you do that.
>>> myth_archive_job.pl in contrib, which can even be run as a user job so
>>> it's completely automatic.
>> This is my suggestion as well.
>> Stay away from LVM, as there is no real benefit to using it, and
>> plenty of drawbacks.  Instead I would:
>> -Install new drive (properly on /srv/mythtv/recordings2... /var/lib is
>> not the correct place for it if you read LFHS)
>> -use myth_archive_job.pl periodically
>> -EVENTUALLY install 0.21 (once it's released) and get recording
>> groups, which is what you were somewhat simulating with
>> myth_archive_job
> OK, OK !
> I will not jump into LVM, I'll look at that script first.
> But I will not go into maintaining MythTV on my own. There are better
> people than me to do that.
You don't say which distro you are using. If it's Debian based you can 
use checkinstall to create packages from the version you compile from 
svn. This makes install/uninstall as simple as apt-get install package 
and apt-get remove package.

I have been using various svn versions for several months with no 
significant problems. Try checking out the current svn version and make 
a package. If it installs and runs without problems, just don't upgrade 
it until the next official version is released.


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