[mythtv-users] MythTV/TiVo integration

Neil Dunbar neil.dunbar at pobox.com
Mon Nov 19 11:01:31 UTC 2007

On Mon 19 Nov 2007 10:55:18 Mike Perkins wrote:

> ??? I didn't think it was possible to hang any kind of card on a Virgin
> cable line. Are you telling me this is really possible? Cable operators in
> the UK, so far as I know, are under no obligation to provide services in
> the way that those in the US are, they can do their own thing with regard
> to frequencies, encoding, etc.

I've read about folks using DM500C boxes on their NTL lines instead of the 
Pace/Scientific Atlanta STBs. I haven't done it, so I don't know if it would 
work. NB: The dreambox is a STB, not a card, but it does have an embedded 
Linux OS and an Ethernet port, and AFAICT you can stick the Neutrino image 
onto it, which allows the Mythbox to control it via the Dbox code. However, 
if you do this, I also believe (a) you're in violation of terms of contract 
with VM, and (b) you can't use the super-wonderful interactive TV features 
which Virgin Media offer - and that would be a blow, wouldn't it?

I hasten to add, I'm speaking theoretically. I really haven't tried it, but 
various web fora speak about others doing it with some success.



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