[mythtv-users] Program Guide architecture

Neil Dunbar neil.dunbar at pobox.com
Mon Nov 19 08:26:07 UTC 2007


This is probably better in mythtv-dev, but I'll try this list first before I 
ask there.

Is the "row-based" program guide a fundamental construction of MythTV? Could a 
theme writer design a sort of column based version, a la TiVo Series 1, where 
we have the channel list in a left hand column, and the program guide for the 
selected channel only displayed in the right hand column?

I don't expect anyone to have done this, and it may be an interesting project 
for me to try, if it can be done without deep code hackery. Reason: I'm happy 
with the row based PG, but the wife loves her TiVo, and especially the 
program guide structures. If I could change the PG style, I think that the 
MythTV/TiVo schism in our house could be healed, and balance restored to the 



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