[mythtv-users] Playing AUDIO_TS/VIDEO_TS directories

lanas lanas at securenet.net
Sun Nov 18 17:13:57 UTC 2007


  Recently there was a thread about playing VOB files but it went on
about failed hard disks.  I tried playing a 'video' directory inside
Myth and it can't.  The video manager does not even recognize the
movie even though it's to be found in the /storage/videos/
directory under its own directory.  On the other hand, once
mythfrontend is exited, xine can play it.

  So, it's only a matter for the 'video manager' to make the
distinction and for the 'player process' to adapt the parameters passed
to the actual player.  Not that this would be an important feature
because if you stay within the Myth world, the DVD ripping is not
represented in this way, but it could be useful.

  On the same topic, I haven't tried it, but would it be possible to
read such a directory from another machine (eg. nfs mounted) and play
it on the front end ?  Will network data transfer on a unburdened local
net be fast enough to supply data for the player ?


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