[mythtv-users] Antec Fusion V2, iMON Pad and Lirc?

Jan Johansson j2 at mupp.net
Sun Nov 18 17:18:59 UTC 2007

(I sent this to the Lirc list as well. But I figure there is enough know
how on this list as well)

So, my old MythTV-frontend had a PVR-350, and i used the included IR
Receiver with my Logitech Harmony 895 and all was well.

My PVR-350 bought it, so i decided it was time for a new box in general.
I put a PVR-500 into the new system, and put it all into a Antec Fusion
V2-chassi. Plattform is Mythbuntu 7.10

That chassi has a Soundgraph iMON PAD, and i have gotten the VFD working
as expected.

But i can NOT get the IR receiver to do squat. Neither irevent nor mode2
gives me anything.

So, witht the above hardware, what should i do to get a working remote

# /etc/lirc/hardware.conf
#Chosen Remote Control
REMOTE="Soundgraph iMON MultiMedian IR/VFD"

# Arguments which will be used when launching lircd LIRCD_ARGS=""

#Don't start lircmd even if there seems to be a good config file

#Try to load appropriate kernel modules

# Run "lircd --driver=help" for a list of supported drivers.
# If DEVICE is set to /dev/lirc and devfs is in use /dev/lirc/0 will be
# automatically used instead DEVICE=""
MODULES="lirc_dev lirc_imon"

# Default configuration files for your hardware if any
j2 at Fusion:~$ 

j2 at Fusion:~$ sudo cat /etc/lirc/lircd.conf # # contributed by Venky Raju
(dev at venky.ws) # # brand: Soundgraph # model no. of remote control: iMON
MultiMedian # # devices being controlled by this remote: HTPC #

begin remote

  name           IMON_MultiMedian
  bits           16
  flags          SPACE_ENC|CONST_LENGTH
  eps            30
  aeps           130

  header         9000  4500
  one            625   1625
  zero           625   375
  ptrail         625
  repeat         8875  2125
  pre_data_bits  16
  pre_data       0x609F
  gap            100000
  toggle_bit     0

  frequency    38000
  duty_cycle   33

      begin codes
          App.Exit                 0x00000000000000FF
          Power                    0x000000000000807F
          1                        0x00000000000040BF
          2                        0x000000000000C03F
          3                        0x00000000000020DF
          4                        0x000000000000A05F
          5                        0x000000000000609F
          6                        0x000000000000E01F
          7                        0x00000000000010EF
          8                        0x000000000000906F
          9                        0x00000000000050AF
          0                        0x000000000000D02F
          Windows                  0x00000000000030CF
          Menu                     0x000000000000B04F
          App.Launcher             0x000000000000708F
          Function                 0x000000000000F00F
          Task.Switcher            0x00000000000008F7
          Back                     0x0000000000008877
          Select                   0x00000000000048B7
          Eject                    0x0000000000009867
          Delete                   0x00000000000018E7
          Up                       0x000000000000C837
          Right                    0x0000000000006897
          Down                     0x000000000000E817
          Left                     0x00000000000028D7
          Enter                    0x000000000000A857
          Vol-                     0x00000000000058A7
          Vol+                     0x000000000000D827
          Mute                     0x00000000000038C7
          Play                     0x000000000000B847
          Pause                    0x0000000000007887
          Prev                     0x000000000000F807
          Next                     0x00000000000002FD
          Rew                      0x000000000000827D
          Fwd                      0x00000000000042BD
          Stop                     0x000000000000C23D
          Open                     0x00000000000022DD
          Rec                      0x000000000000A25D
          Bookmark                 0x000000000000629D
          Thumbnail                0x000000000000E21D
          Aspect                   0x00000000000012ED
          DVD.Menu                 0x000000000000926D
          DVD.Caption              0x00000000000052AD
          DVD.Language             0x000000000000D22D
          Full.Screen              0x00000000000032CD
      end codes

end remote
j2 at Fusion:~$ 

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