[mythtv-users] Quirk w/ MythWelcome 0.20.2: phantom keypress

mythtv-users.mythtv.org at tgice.com mythtv-users.mythtv.org at tgice.com
Fri Nov 16 21:46:48 UTC 2007

Hi guys,

There's been something about my 0.20.2 upgrade that has bugged me ever 
since I put it in place and I figured I'd finally check w/ the list to 
see if anyone has seen it.

I run mythwelcome, and almost every time I exit mythfrontend, I'll see 
mythwelcome for about 1 second and then I see the big button and the 
bottom flash as if it's been pressed (when I never have) and then 
mythfrontend loads again.

If I exit from mythfrontend immediately from *that* point (after it had 
just launched), then this effect doesn't happen, and mythfrontend stays 

I believe the above behavior has happened ever since I started running 
0.20.2 (on my new machine, with Gnome -- I'd always used Fluxbox before).

Is there any chance this has something to do with Gnome?  Does anyone 
have any other guess as to what's going on?

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