[mythtv-users] Mechanical cable splitter

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Fri Nov 16 17:29:33 UTC 2007

Josh White wrote:
> haha...well done.  You didn't answer my question.  Is it possible to
> make such a thing work in the example of connecting a PS2 to a computer
> monitor via a PVR-250 (like in the example from the post above mine in
> the thread)?  And while I didn't say it explicitly, I was thinking that
> the DVR portion could be recorded/written as usual, but simultaneously,
> same feed could be piped directly to the display (which could be a TV, a
> monitor, projector, etc).  Certainly, it would require significantly
> more CPU cycles on the part of the backend, but would it be possible? Of
> course, you could also add a frame grabber card that would only be used
> for live tv, saving your PVR-250 for recording duties.  There would be
> no need to save the frames in such a case if you're recording for the
> sake of the DVR, so those frames would only go to memory and that would
> be it.  The benefit of such an arrangement would be that you would still
> be in the same environment (the Mythtv environment that is) and if you
> wanted to rewind, the system would simply switch to the recording.  One
> of my wife's gripes is that the lag in changing channels to too great
> for her (and she insists on watching liveTV still, but that's another
> story)  One of my frontends doesn't involve an actual TV at all, so
> that's where this could have relevance. 
> BTW, when I had a Time Warner DVR, I did have "instant response" AND a
> DVR.  Just because a typical MythTV setup doesn't offer that capability,
> doesn't necessarily mean it is impossible or undesirable.  Is anyone
> apposed to having both?  Like if you could have both, but simply turn it
> off with a check box, would you turn it off? 

I suspect that what you describe could be done, but I think you would
have to pretty much work it out yourself, due mainly to lack of interest
on the part of the Myth developers and probably most of the users.


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