[mythtv-users] Mechanical cable splitter

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Fri Nov 16 16:37:10 UTC 2007

Rod Smith wrote:
> You're correct that you'd need to set up different sources, but I'm pretty 
> sure you don't need separate cards for that. In MythTV, sources are linked to 
> INPUTS, not CARDS. So long as a card has multiple inputs, such as coax and 
> S-video, you can link each one to a different source. I've got a card 
> (actually a USB encoder) that I use mostly for recording off of cable via 
> coax, but I've also got a laserdisc player hooked up to its S-video input. 
> There's no listings source associated with the laserdisc player, of course, 
> but there could be, and MythTV certainly doesn't think I'm recording The 
> Wheel of Fortune (or whatever) whenever I record input from the laserdisc 
> player.
So long, of course, as you don't want to record two different things at the same 
time. Only one input ie tuner, s-video, composite, can be selected at one time 
on any one card. OK myth will switch between them as appropriate, but you can't 
record from more than one at any time.

If you are using s-video to connect the set-top-box, you can get any cheap card 
to feed the input into myth. Much easier (and how the system is designed to 
work!) than messing around with hardware switches. Not to mention limiting your 
recording options.

Mike Perkins

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