[mythtv-users] OT: MythTV on your mobile phone?

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Fri Nov 16 04:40:37 UTC 2007

I already have this on my Treo 700p. I do have to do some conversion of 
the MPEG2 -> 3GP + AAC stereo audio and fit to a 320x240 screen size, 
but that is fine for talking head shows.  This plays back fine in the 
bundled Kinoma 1.x video player that comes on the Treo.  HDTV is not 
worth the trouble so far. 1080i-> 320x240 loses way to much visual info.

The primary limitation appears to be available bandwidth on Sprints data 
network.  It looks better than most SprintTV offerings, so I'm not 

I can post my scripts if anyone is interested. They are basically 
modified versions of this MythTV website entry:


Ryan Pisani wrote:
> List-
> It seems that google has 10 million up for grabs for applications built on
> their new Linux open-source phone platform. Looks pretty cool, maybe some
> work to port to this OS would be beneficial. Sure looks like this will
> open up some possibilities in the open source realm.
> http://youtube.com/user/androiddevelopers
> regards,
> Ryan
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